The Challenge

The company had established a strong presence in the UK and European markets prior to working with Sky Storm. But in order to introduce its products to the US and Australian audiences, it needed a partner to understand its target customer segments and how to pique their interest.
They want to work with someone experienced in the US and Australian markets. This will help with things like set company holidays, focusing on certain states, and be more clear about their branding efforts. These personalized efforts can increase the awareness of their product and enrich the customer experience. The promotion efforts of the previous agency seem to have ignored relevant channels and as a result, their paid social media ads yielded poor results.
Conventional wisdom is to rely on a significant advertising budget that reaches consumers through conventional channels, like TV, radio, and print. At the same time, the effectiveness of organic social media activity should not be underestimated.
The holistic approach means that the company is continuously cultivating its relationship with its viewers and making sure that they will convert into customers.


Sky Storm Digital Agency offered tailor-made solutions for it’s clients. We conducted a thorough brand audit and competitor analysis in order to determine the best social media channels and marketing opportunities for the client. Here are some of the tactics we used to accomplish our marketing and branding objectives:

  • Defined target groups and maximized each platform strategically.
  • Developed a consistent brand voice across all social media channels
  • Established the client as a trusted source on Beauty products
  • We’ve made it our top priority to provide insightful, engaging content with a value-added twist.
  • Improved user engagement through holiday promotions and giveaways/contests
  • Boosted high-performing organic posts
  • The campaigns focused on generating followers, promoting a brand and generating website traffic (converted?), with the hope of making money

We also looked at metrics from the social media transfer cycle. For the ‘Connect’ or top-of-the-funnel stage, we measured how many followers and how much reach your company’s social accounts had. Based on these insights, our strategists then developed recommendations for the ongoing campaigns.

I was very impressed with Sky Storm Digital. The agency began working with me in the middle of my paid social media advertising campaign, and they turned everything around. With their input, I increased sales by over 79%! I would recommend Sky Storm Digital to anyone who is looking for a boost in results.

Ella Angus

Product Manager

Let’s Make Things Happen

Mary Hollick

Marketing Consultant Expert
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