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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a lot about where you are and who you’re targeting. It’s a way to get your products and services in front of your target audience in a particular city or place. It usually entails the same things as usual SEO, but with extra focus on location awareness.

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Why Sky Storm Digital For Local SEO

We are a leading SEO company in Australia and have been providing services for more than 10 years. We use the most up-to-date strategies to make sure that your campaign sticks out among competitors.

What sets us apart from the competition is our unique approach to designing and implementing campaigns for our clients. This gives us an edge that few others in this industry possess.

We use quality SEO strategies that we carefully tailor to suit your needs. There are no shortcuts to success so be sure you’re not using unethical practices and hoping for results.

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What It Takes for Local SEO

Local Intent Signals

Search engines can detect synonyms, keywords, and other pieces of local metadata to make sure the most relevant results are displayed in your search.

For example, Plenty of SEOs focus on local SEO and that is natural: people who are looking for a service will typically start by including a place name in their search request, e.g. “plumbers in Perth”. With good strategies, Google starts associating your company with an area and as time passes, you will rank higher for queries related to your business in the local area.


Google Business Profile

You’ll often find local searches to be highly relevant. They can be sorted by city or town, or alternatively, they might focus on things like opening hours and store locations

That’s why Local SEO experts put so much effort into directory listings, Google My Business profiles, and social media. It’s clear that your Google My Business location is the number one thing you need to think about when it comes to local search results: no other factor impacts your business quite like it.


Local Citations

Local SEO is increasingly important for businesses nowadays. One major aspect of this is making sure that your company name, address and phone number are featured accurately on other listings elsewhere.

It’s important to think about where your citations should be. For example, there are niche directories for tradespeople, salons and childcare centres that might be relevant. Keeping your information up to date and consistent across citations can improve not just your rankings but also the customer experience.


Customer Reviews

Reviews are essential to your local SEO campaign. Make sure they’re good reviews and encourage customers who have experienced a positive outcome to post a comment on your GMB page. Positive reviews will always be beneficial

This is true for both local and global companies–reviews will play an important part in your success when it comes to ranking with Google.


Local link building

One of the main factors that determine how your site ranks are whether Google (and other search engines) consider it trustworthy. Sites with lots of links from considered trustworthy websites will be shown higher in search results.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in a quality link-building campaign for your local company. Relevance matters, too. We here at Sky Storm Digital are dedicated to helping you build links, fast!


Local Keyword research

SEO is all about connecting with ready-to-buy customers where they are: at the top of the Google results! That means aligning every page of your website with the exact phrases they’re searching for on Google every day, so your brand has every chance to show up and win their attention. Local SEO focuses on those ‘near me’ and location-based keywords

Keyword research is of major importance for digital marketing strategy, by focusing on the most targeted keywords we are able to get a better understanding of what people want.


Work with Australia’s Top Local SEO Agency

When customers look for a local business or service, 88% of them start their search online using search engines.

With a strong organic search ranking, you can reach 2 million more Australians who might not know about your business if it wasn’t for your SEO.

Great SEO can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. It’s also one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and it is something every small business should be considering. When it comes to accuracy and reach, organic search results are still significantly better than paid ads. When you spend time optimizing your site properly, local SEO can have a huge role in generating growth.

Tap into the local search phenomenon

Local search is doing really well. 4 out of 5 people use Google Search and Maps, which is why results are more focussed and relevant. Add to that the fact that more searches are local, this means you need to be taking advantage as much as possible – with relevant information like hours of operation, current inventory etc. A professional profile picture will make you stand out from the competition and get your business seen by locals who are actively looking for what you do, since their search behaviour displays their eagerness to learn more. Thanks to the increased popularity of local search, you can dominate your niche and rank at the top of regional search results for your area- even if you’re an obscure brand in a competitive market.

Our SEO experts will help you gain a competitive edge in local search results that are closely related to your brand. From optimising your website and Google My Business profile to adding listings on local business directories, we do it all. Local SEO is an effective way to make your business rank higher in Google’s search results and increase revenue.

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How does a Local SEO agency in Australia help you?

Get the market visibility you need from Sky Storm Digital by using our optimized SEO methods. We strive to achieve a local consumer base that is ready to buy what you have sold them! Local search is a strategy all businesses in every industry should get into. With the majority of customers searching for local products and services online, you need to make sure you are where they are looking. Local SEO agencies have proven track records when it comes to boosting visibility on search engines.

Getting your website properly optimised for local SEO will get more people from the location you want to target to visit. This leads to more potential customers and eventually more sales. If you are a local business receiving traffic from all over the world, you may want to target just your home state or city. Optimizing your platform accordingly can give you better results and help you increase your odds of converting more customers.

Although many businesses are not familiar with the advantages of optimizing for local search, large opportunities still exist for a business to rank well in search engines and other local platforms.

One of the major benefits of working with an expert in Local SEO is that they bring a wide range of knowledge and experience that can really help your business. Your chosen expert should also be able to study trends & customer behaviour to maximise the growth potential.

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Our Approach To SEO In Australia

Website Audit

Every SEO campaign starts with a review of your website. Once we get to the bottom of what’s holding you back, we can develop a strategy to overcome your obstructions and make sure you’re seen.

Market Research

As a part of the research, it is important to look at market actions and competitors. By understanding the market, we will be able to build strategies that can help you grow.

Keyword Research

The most important aspect of any successful SEO campaign is the research stage. When picking a keyword, we make sure it delivers actual results that lead to success for your company.

Content Creation

The quality of our content accounts for roughly 50% of how well your business ranks on Google. We create content that is loved by users, and Google adores it as well.

On-Site Optimisation

We focus on making on-site optimizations that would make it easier for Google to crawl your website. We also aim to provide a smooth user experience and journey that would please the user.

Link Building

Link building is a key part of getting your content out there and we specialize in this area. We offer a lot of white hat link building strategies that are good for the long-term health of your site.

Content Strategy

Content is a vital component of your marketing strategy. We can work with your in-house team to create new and improve old content or we can provide you with the content marketing you need.

Ongoing Reporting

We want to make sure all of our efforts are paying off and we always deliver the most relevant information you need. Our SEO reports are tailored to the needs of your company so you can measure and grow

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